Wiz Khalifa and the luxurious life inside his $7.6M LA mansion


After living in a $16,000-per-month Los Angeles rental for three years, “Black and Yellow” rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, paid $3.4 mιllιon on a new Encino home.


Khalifa still owns that property and a place in Pittsburgh, but he just paid a little over $7.6 mιllιon to upgrade to a more luxurious mansion three miles away. No word yet on whether he’s already customized the premises with his preferred amenities, such as a personal cannabis bar, recording studio, and Steelers-themed game area.

His successful music career, Khalifa Kush marijuana strain, and mobile Weed Farm game, where users may start and tend to virtual crops, have earned him an estimated $60 mιllιon net worth.

Khalifa’s modern farmhouse-style residence, built this year, has six bedrooms and seven baths in more than 8,000 square feet of open-concept living area with wood-beam ceilings, blonde hardwood floors, and designer light fixtures. Among the amenities are a home office, gym, movie theater, and detached guesthouse.

Tucked away down a long gated driveway, the two-story stucco and wood structure is fronted by a spacious motorcourt and an attached three-car garage, perfect for the singer’s mostly old-school auto collection, which Architectural Digest says includes a 1969 El Camino, Chevelle, muscle cars, and a Mercedes Benz.

A double-height lobby opens to a glass front entrance under a porte-cochère. From there, a formal dining room with a wet bar and a living area with a linear fireplace and sliding glass doors to the backyard are accessible. The family room opens to a contemporary gourmet kitchen with a center island, Thermador equipment, a service bar with double-sided seating, and a breakfast nook.

The upper master hideaway has a lovely fireside sitting area, mini-bar, and dual showroom-style closets. A spa-inspired bathroom with dual vanities, an oval soaking tub, a big glass-enclosed shower, and a private balcony stands out.

The nearly half-acre property has a Baja-shelf pool and spa surrounded by a grassy lawn, a covered lounge patio with a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen with a built-in BBQ and bar, a trellised eating area, and a basketball court. A kitchenette and bath are in the 450-square-foot guesthouse.

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