Without LeBron James, the Lakers’ chances of victory on the road against the Jazz seemed to vanish into thin air – NO JAMES, NO GAME!!!


Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz

In a game marked by the absence of LeBron James due to a left ankle peroneal tendinopathy injury, the Lakers faced a daunting challenge on the road against the Utah Jazz. Despite their valiant efforts, they ultimately came up short, losing 132-125, which marked their second consecutive loss and left them with a 19-21 season record.

D’Angelo Russell continued to shine, leading the Lakers in scoring with an impressive 39 points on 15-26 shooting while also contributing eight assists.

Austin Reaves had a remarkable night, displaying remarkable efficiency with a 7-8 shooting performance, resulting in 19 points. Unfortunately, his game was cut short as he fouled out midway through the fourth quarter, dashing any hopes of a comeback win.

The return of Rui Hachimura provided a silver lining for the Lakers, as he led the bench with 17 points, shooting at an impressive 50% rate.

In the absence of LeBron James and with Hachimura back in the lineup, the Lakers adopted a new starting lineup featuring Anthony Davis, Cam Reddish, Taurean Prince, D’Angelo Russell, and Austin Reaves.

The opening quarter witnessed a fiery performance from Reaves and Russell, who combined to score the team’s first 19 points. Although they had started together frequently last season, this year had seen them paired less often.

Both teams found it relatively easy to score, with defense appearing optional early in the game. The Lakers held an eight-point advantage after posting 39 points in the opening quarter.

Former Laker Jordan Clarkson ignited the Jazz, bringing them within a point midway through the second quarter. However, the Lakers managed to maintain their lead, heading into halftime with a 67-64 advantage, thanks in part to Reaves’ perfect 6-6 shooting and Prince’s two crucial three-pointers.

In the third quarter, D’Angelo Russell seized the momentum he had built in the first half and exploded, sinking threes, attacking the basket, and engaging with the fans, silencing them with every made basket.

Despite his name being linked to trade rumors, he remained unfazed on the court, consistently dominating his individual matchups.

Nevertheless, the Jazz heated up from beyond the three-point line in the third quarter, regaining the lead from Los Angeles.

To compound the Lakers’ challenges, Cam Reddish was ruled out for the rest of the game due to left knee soreness, marking the second consecutive game in which this issue had forced him to miss the second half.

Entering the final quarter, the Lakers found themselves facing a five-point deficit. Rui Hachimura stepped up, contributing eight of the team’s first 10 points.

Unfortunately, Austin Reaves fouled out midway through the fourth quarter, further complicating matters for the Lakers.

D’Angelo Russell continued to make impressive plays, but the Lakers couldn’t narrow the gap, and the Jazz ultimately cruised to victory.

Despite the loss, there were some positive takeaways for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team displayed resilience and determination, refusing to fold in the absence of their star player.

The dynamic pairing of Reaves and Russell provided an offensive spark that had been lacking, and Hachimura’s return bolstered the team off the bench.

With hopes for LeBron James’ return in the next game, the Lakers aim to build on the positive aspects of Saturday’s loss as they face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, aiming for a rebounding win.

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