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When a family abandons their dog, it is a sad situation. Some families refuse to care for sick or elderly dogs, but are unaware of the suffering they inflict on the dog when they abandon it.

Ray, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever who had been abandoned by his family, was found walking alone on the streets of Torrance, California. His eyes were scabby and sad. His physique was skeletal and thin, and his fur was losing in places due to hunger.

Staff at the Carson shelter in California rescued Ray. Ray’s health improved thanks to shelter volunteers, but he remained depressed. Shortly after, he was put up for adoption. It appears that the preference for older dogs is relatively modest.

Update: Ray has now been adopted! Ray’s feelings towards people haven’t changed at all. He continues to respond to every human being with love. Seeing Ray so sad and dejected in the video broke our hearts. We hope that Ray’s spirits lift quickly and that he continues to be showered with love and care.

Extremely Depressed And Emaciated Senior Dog Found Alone With Parts Of…

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Extremely Depressed And Emaciated Senior Dog Found Alone With Parts Of ...

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