“Who did it”? – A 4,000 year old rock appeared to have been cut with a laser


A millimeter but exact separation divides this giant stone in two, giving the feeling of having been cut with a laser.

The Al Naslaa rock formation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aroused the curiosity of many scientists, geologists and internet users who cannot understand how such a perfect cut can exist in the middle of the rock.

A millimeter but exact separation divides this giant stone in two, giving the feeling of having been cut with a laser. The partitions, supported by small natural pedestals, have become a mystery to many. The Al-Naslaa Rock dates back to more than 4,000 years ago inside the Tayma Oasis in the Kingdom.

It is a famous tourist destination and people come here from far and wide to see it and take photos. At the same time, it remains a matter of debate among scientists. The rock is 30 feet long and 25 feet wide and has a notch showing what is believed to be a man on a horse.

One geologist suggests that the split may be caused by weathering (melting ice), but not everyone agrees on this. They say it is so precise and smooth that it must have been the result of aliens who came to earth in the distant past and used a giant laser to cut it in two, of course, is a different theory.

One user on the social media speculated that the divide was created when an alien messed up “with a super laser pointer on some random planet their species found and accidentally cut a rock in half’.

The rock formation is an eight-hour drive from Riyadh, and can be reached by car. Rich in history, Tayma was the residence of the Babylonian King Nabonidus in the mid-6th century BC. The oasis, which appeared on the trade route from the modern-day Madinah to Al-Jawf, has become a popular place for merchants.

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