Weird mummy discovered in Ecuador after Major Earthquake, Buried in a Jar with a small Mouse


A small town of Guano in Ecuador was torn apart in the massive earthquake that hit this city in August 1949. This earthquake was the largest in those five years for the Northern Hemisphere. But, what it uncovered, was truly mysterious and fascinating for the researchers.

Discovery of the Mummy in a JarThe disastrous earthquake lead to a weird discovery of a Mummy in a Jar kept intact with a small mouse. It all came in the eyes of the people when, due to the earthquake, the walls of the old church Asunsion de Guano, were torn apart and fallen flat on the floor.

With the walls, also fell the Jar that bore a Mummy inside it. It rose a curious cat in everyone all the more because no one had seen such a thing before.

Some Historians and Researchers dug out the fact that the Mummy was of one of the guardians of the church. His name was Fray Lázaro de Santofimia. Originally he was a 15th Century Franciscan who was sent from Spain to spread Catholicism around the country.

He did a number of good things towards the betterment of people there, which is why he was highly respected. He gave food and aid to the needy tribes dwelling around the town of Guano. In addition to this, he also helped in establishing another town, 30 minutes away from the church, named San Andres.

People there believe that he was highly regarded amongst these tribes. This also gave a cue to his burial in a Jar.

When the researchers found him tucked in a Jar and buried in the walls of the church, it made them perplexed completely. Although there are no proven facts behind the mystery, still, people there believe that since Fray Lázaro de Santofimia was highly loved and regarded amongst the tribes, burying him inside the Jar could have been a mark of respect.

Also because he was so close to the hearts of the people there, researchers say that, people might have buried him in the walls of the church so that his soul could move freely around there and guard the church.

After many scientific processes such as carbon dating techniques, radiographs, and endoscopies, scientists concluded the fact that the mummy was 85 to 90 years old when he died and 1.70 – 1.75 meters long. Along with the Mummy, a scarf was found, tied around its chin, and also a mummified mouse.

Why was the mouse there, with him, was a big question that remains unanswered, still! But, some people claim that Fray was a lonely person and his mouse was his only loved one, which is why, he was buried with him and mummified with white powder called ‘Cal’.

All the questions still remain a mystery without having any solid factual analysis, but the mummy could be found in a museum of Guano in Ecuador.

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