Watch the video: The US Tests ɗeαɗly LASER Weapon on Its Fighter Jets

The three largest aerospace companies in the world – Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Grumman Northrop – were contracted by the United States to build the most advanced lasers ever! The contract is mainly centered around lasers that could be mounted on fighter jets but ground-based and sea-based versions have been developed too. Now, testing has commenced and the results are quite outstanding!




However, other countries aren’t to be left behind as they’ve come forward with impressive developments of their own. In fact, Japan, Spain, and Canada have also contracted Lockheed Martin to develop their laser weapons. And so the race to the most lethal Laser Directed Energy Weapon is underway! So in this video, we’ll be taking a look at how 60 years of research is finally being pieced together to develop the weapons of the future.

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