Veterinarian reveals to dog owners what it feels like to die and make them cry


The job of a veterinarian can be one of the most beautiful, since it is in their hands to restore pets’ health, and make their tails wag again with happiness.

But, on other occasions, they can face the most devastating experiences of having to help a puppy put it to sleep forever, so that it does not suffer anymore. Like some of the sad stories that we have reviewed in Zoorprendente .

It is inevitable that the departure of a loved one leaves us devastated, and even more so when it comes to our pet, who much more than being a companion animal, becomes part of the family.

The pain of their loss can be compared to that of the death of a family member because with them we develop a truly unbreakable bond of love.

Imagining life without our canine friends can be difficult, but what few people stop to think about is that the most painful moment is suffered by the dogs themselves just before they die , what goes through their mind and heart in those moments makes people cry. any.

A veterinarian revealed what puppies feel before closing their eyes forever




The statements of an American veterinarian about what happens in the minds of dogs when they have to be put to sleep forever to avoid so much pain, have gone around the world.

Jessi Dietrich, a young woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, was the one who asked the veterinarian what part of his job was the most difficult, and he told her that it was undoubtedly euthanizing a puppy.

When ‘putting the dog to sleep’, most of its owners cannot stand being in the same room, so the pet is left alone with the veterinary team at the time of death.

It is truly devastating that in the last moments of the puppy’s life, he frantically tries to find his humans with his eyes , but they are not there to comfort him.




The veterinarian’s harsh revelations have broken the hearts of millions on the networks, after they were spread on Twitter, and reached more than 40 thousand retweets and more than 140 thousand likes .

The tweet reached several workers at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital , located in South Africa. For this reason, the hospital staff made a publication on their Facebook page, giving several tips to cope with the difficult death of a dog:



“When you have a pet, it is inevitable, most of the time, that  it will die before you.  So when you have to take your pet to the vet for a pain-free ending, I want you to know something…”




“You have been the center of his world his entire life. They were a part of you, but they knew you as their family. Please don’t leave them. “Don’t make them go from life to death in a room with strangers, in a place they don’t like ,” she reads in the hospital’s publication.

In such painful moments, we must give all the necessary support to our loved ones,  at least as fair retribution for so many years of fidelity and love at our side.

Just seeing and feeling us will be their best balm for a sweet departure, after so many years together. Saying goodbye and comforting them until their last breath is the best tribute we can give them.

We will be in their thoughts and they will look for our face with their gaze until they cross the rainbow bridge


Although this veterinarian’s viral publication has made many owners cry, it has cleared up many doubts about what dogs really feel in that difficult situation. It is truly moving, the love of these loyal beings transcends everything, let’s not leave them alone.


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