Usain Bolt gave his wife a lavish penthouse worth $1.900.000 with two infinity pools and a stadium


Usain Bolt gave his wife a lavish penthouse worth $1.9M with two infinity pools and a stadium

In Australia, at the Araluan Apartments, there were five bedrooms and four toilets. The 11,722-square-foot residence was constructed in 2010 for $1.5 million. Notably, the penthouse had transparent walls and an abundance of vegetation.

In addition, there is a guest apartment with a kitchenette. The residence has green synthetic grass that would allow him to unwind and enjoy the view in front of him.

The master suite of the Sky House opens to a separate balcony and there are eight terraced gardens. It comes with its own wardrobe and luxurious furnishings.

In addition, Caesar’s Stone countertops have become an integral part of the kitchen. Notably, the stone is very expensive and Bolt’s kitchen costs $5,000.

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