UPDATE: Gabe Vincent, Cam Reddish out for Lakers vs. Raptors


Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets

Fear not, Lakers fans. Gabe Vincent isn’t injured again…


The Lakers have listed Vincent as out for Tuesday’s game against the Raptors, citing knee surgery recovery. Joining him as inactive is Cam Reddish, who is inactive due to personal reasons.

As noted, the Lakers have a back-to-back against the Raptors and Wizards on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Vincent was never going to play on both sides of the back-to-back, so it makes sense to give him a day extra to recover from his return to the court before playing on Wednesday.

This is similar to what happened when Gabe last returned as he played a game, then did not play the next game. At that time, he was listed as out with left knee effusion in the game he missed, different from the recovery label he received this time.

Cam Reddish was not on the injury report on Sunday. He was not in the rotation and only appeared in garbage time at the end of the contest.

With Vincent and Reddish out, expect Max Christie, who was also out of the rotation on Sunday, to get some minutes. Vincent played 14 minutes in his first game back, so minutes will be up for grabs once again.

Notably, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis are listed as questionable. Davis is still listed with his knee injury from the game against the Bucks, though both were listed as questionable on Sunday and both played. What will be more notable is how many minutes they play on Tuesday and whether they can play on the second night of the back-to-back on Wednesday.

Also notable is that Jaxson Hayes, who missed Sunday’s game against the Nets, is listed as probable. Without him, the Lakers went to Colin Castleton briefly and it didn’t work out, to say the least. With Christian Wood out, the Lakers are thin in the frontcourt and Hayes’ availability is important.

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