UPDATE: Anthony Davis Brings LA Colleagues to Show Support for Packers Against 49ers


 Anthony Davis Brings LA Comrades To Cheer On Packers Vs 49ers

As the underdog 9-8 Green Bay Packers lead the favored 12-5 San Francisco 49ers 21-17 at the top of the fourth quarter in the midst of the NFC Divisional Playoffs, your Los Angeles Lakers’ best player has been hanging out on the sidelines, savoring his favorite team’s improbable edge.

Bleacher Report points out that Davis, Lakers starting point guard D’Angelo Russell, and versatile forward Jarred Vanderbilt are all on hand for matchup.

Davis, a Chicago native who’s nevertheless been a lifelong fan of the Bears’ NFC North rivals, had a message of support for Jordan Love and co. pregame:

The trio will have to head south again tonight, as a matchup against the lowly Portland Trail Blazers looms tomorrow.

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