Unprecedented Blessings: The Extraordinary Journey of the Ugandan Mother Who Welcomed 44 Children at the Age of 37


Most young families experience this occasionally; we sometimes don’t know how to handle one or two kids. What are your thoughts on having 38 children? This isn’t a joke, either.The 39-year-old Ugandan mother gave birth to 44 kids. There are now 38 kids living under one roof after she lost 6.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reve als What Her Life Is Like

Mariam Nabatanzi is the woman, and she hasn’t had an easy life. Her parents sold her to a man who was 27 years older when she was just 13 years old. Mariam didn’t even understand what was happening until she was dropped off at the man’s house, though they termed it a marriage. She had twins for her first two children a year later, triplets the following year, and quadruplets the following year.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

Mariam, who was only a teenager, found getting married to be a difficult process. “Because their moms were dispersed around the country, I had to take care of my husband’s numerous children from previous relationships. He was very aggressive and would strike me whenever he had the chance, even when I put out a suggestion that he didn’t like. She spoke.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

Mariam reached a stage where she had 23 children, at which point she decided that she had enough and asked doctors if there was anything that could be done to prevent her from becoming pregnant again. However, following a thorough examination, doctors determined that she had a high ovarian count and that any treatment would endanger her health and possibly even her life. In total, Mariam gave birth to 44 children; of these, 6 were twins, 4 were triplet sets, 3 were quadruplets, and only 2 were born without a “copy.” Furthermore, 6 more people perished. Mariam claimed that having children is a blessing from God and that she has no regrets.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

The fact that her children are raising themselves without their father is the only thing that bothers her. Her spouse frequently vanished for weeks, months, or even years before finally abandoning them. Except for occasionally giving the children’s names over the phone, he never participated in their upbringing. The 23-year-old eldest son claims that he hasn’t seen his father since he was 13 years old.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

But Mariam has no time to complain or feel sorry for herself. She’s dedicated her entire life to giving her children lots of love and care, and providing them with everything they need for the future. Food is one of the biggest expenses for this large family, every day they need 10 kilos of maize or corn flour, 7 kilos of beans, and 4 kilos of sugar.

A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

All her children are getting an education. One of her firstborn twins became a nurse and the other became a qualified builder. “I am hopeful that my children will go to school because they all have big ambitions of being doctors, teachers, and lawyers. I want them to achieve these dreams, something I was not able to do.” Mariam said.

Mariam has had to acquire many different skills in order to pay her bills. She arranges and decorates events, bakes cakes, lays bricks, collects local herbs to sell, braids hair, and even styles brides’ hair. I do my best to care for them because I recognize that they are a gift from God that I must treasure.

“I’ll keep up the struggle to make sure my kids have access to food at all times. Even though we struggle every day to survive, I will never leave them, this incredible mother vowed. Mariam offered some advice to all guys in her conversation with Kassim. “Don’t forget your responsibility, because raising your children in a marriage is a joint responsibility.”

Life for this woman has been very harsh and we wish for her that all of her kids grow into wonderful people and hopefully one day she will get a chance to sit down and have some rest and smell the roses. She surely deserves it.

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