Travis Kelce’s friend ‘can see him marrying Taylor Swift’ as she claims the couple are ‘so in love’


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have only been dating for a few months, but one of the Kansas City Chiefs star’s friends believes marriage is imminent.

Swift sparked a frenzy when she arrived at Arrowhead for the first time to watch Kelce play football in September, and their relationship has grown from strength to strength since then.

In addition to attending more of his NFL games, the pop star has gone on several date nights with her new boyfriend and met his family.

Swift was in Kansas City again last weekend to watch the Chiefs lose to the Buffalo Bills, but after the game she met Kelce’s childhood friend and his partner.

Chetarah Jackson, whose boyfriend Calvin Locke has known Travis since middle school, believes the celebrity power couple are in it for the long haul after spending the weekend with them.



Chetarah Jackson (bottom left), whose boyfriend Calvin Locke (right) has been friends with Travis since middle school, partied with the couple in Kansas City on Sunday night



‘Taylor and Travis are head over heels in love. ‘Seeing them together was so cute, and I can see them getting married,’ Jackson told Entertainment Tonight.

‘Taylor is a total sweetheart. She is very down-to-earth and considerate.’

Jackson and Swift first met in a suite at a Chiefs-Bills game before spending the night together at a Christmas-themed bar.

‘We were in the suite at the game, which was packed with family and friends,’ she added. We had a fantastic time. Patrick Mahomes was also in attendance. He was courteous and took a photo for my nephew.’

Swift and Kelce fans have also been treated to a new photo of the couple posing together at the postgame party on Sunday night.

The singer and songwriter turned 34 on Wednesday, but it was her fans who got a present on social media when a new, never-before-seen photo of the pair surfaced.

Taylor is seen cuddling up to Travis, who is smiling and has his arm around friend and personal trainer Andrew Spruill.



Swift was spotted cuddling up to Kelce alongside personal trainer Andrew Spruill at a Kansas City Christmas-themed bar.

Taylor flew back to New York on Tuesday, ahead of her birthday, after spending the night together at a Christmas party in Kansas City.

According to reports, Travis was planning a big party for her, but it’s unclear whether that was possible given the couple’s hectic schedule.

Travis will be in Foxborough, Massachusetts, this weekend to watch his Kansas City Chiefs play the New England Patriots, and Taylor is expected to be there as well.


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