Trade Deadline Looms: Lakers Enter Talks with Four New Potential Targets



“As Trade Deadline Nears, Lakers Explore New Potential Roster Additions”

With Lakers fans clamoring for roster changes to inject fresh energy into the team, it appears that there are several intriguing names emerging as potential trade targets as the deadline approaches.

While the Lakers have been widely linked to stars like Zach LaVine and Dejounte Murray, additional options have come to light through The Athletic’s Jovan Buha. Among these names are Bruce Brown and Gary Trent Jr, the latter being notable as a Klutch Sports client.

Terry Rozier is another player who has been mentioned in trade discussions, along with Jerami Grant, who also happens to be a Klutch Sports client.

Buha pointed out that each of these players addresses at least one of the Lakers’ key needs, as of his report on January 19.

Jerami Grant, at 29 years old, has been having an impressive season, averaging 21.8 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.4 assists, along with a career-high 40.0 percent shooting from beyond the arc. However, acquiring Grant may be a challenge for the Lakers, considering he’s in the first year of a substantial five-year, $160 million contract, and the Blazers reportedly have a strong desire to retain him.

Terry Rozier presents another intriguing option, boasting career-high averages in points (23.6) and assists (6.7) this season. While Rozier wouldn’t come cheap, he may be a more financially viable acquisition compared to Grant. Rozier is currently in the second year of a four-year, $96 million deal, and the final year of his contract is only partially guaranteed.

The NBA trade deadline looms large, set for 3 pm ET on February 8th, and Lakers fans are eagerly awaiting news of potential roster shake-ups that could reshape the team’s trajectory.

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