This Mysterious 3,000-Year-Old Ancient Statue May Actually Reveal a Highly Advanced Ancient Technology


Consider the Temple of Uthiragosamangai, whose stone sculptures have baffled specialists from all over the globe.

The local government decided to build copies of the temple’s sculptures and distribute them around the state. High-tech technology, of course, was used to create extremely near, if not exact, copies.

Modern sculptors presume that ancient sculptors used the same manner they did, except that they must have labored for many weeks using extremely crude and archaic equipment since they did not have the same polished skills as we have.

Residents also argue that the newest monuments include a serious flaw. The ball within the lion’s mouth is constructed of the same material as the rest of the statue, despite the fact that the ball in the original sculptures was made of a different substance called Onyx.

Is this simply another clue or proof of an ancient civilization that was incredibly advanced? How can we put something like this into words?

Please see the video below for further details.


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