They can be found in sacred texts as well as myths of Ancient civilizations -” facts about Ancient angels”


Warrior guardians of the world, noble and powerful, righteous and loving – do they really exist? If they exist, how and where do they actually work?

For millennia, humanity has been convinced that everything in this world has its superior spiritual power: minerals, plants, animals, humans, groups of people, rivers, mountains and celestial bodies; even periods of time have their own protective spirit. The action of angels was compared to the creative word, singing or unreadable music of the spheres, the form of which forms all visible forms on Earth. Life and the world did not emerge in the chaos of great cod, nor by accidental genetic mutation, but as the idea, the intent of intelligent and noble beings.

The famous Medieval angelologist Dionysius Areopagita has arranged angels in nine choirs: seraphs – lovingly ghostly spirits who day and night praise God, are the first and highest choir; cherubovia are the embodiment of cosmic wisdom; thrones or spirits of will to rule with minerals; perennial plants; to animals; the powers fight the demon; the princes act as the ghosts of time; archanjeli are guarded by the spirits of nations and angels of the spiritual spirits of the people.

It is believed that every person has a guardian spirit that has been with him since birth, or even accompanies him all his life. This spiritual intelligence recognizes the wisdom that lies in the complex fates and paths of our life that we can not see in ourselves, but we feel it as providence. Each of us has come to the world with some life mission, and the task of the guardian angel is to guide us so that we do not forget about the real meaning of our life.

An angel has the power to move our imagination, to impress us with pictures, and so move us through consciousness, pretensions, or dreams. But how many of us, in this time of extrovert time, attach some importance to the voice of their interior, and are they willing to take them seriously?

In ancient times, according to what the gods showed through the mouths of priests and priests, they formed laws, and the kings led their empire accordingly. It was known that every nation or city state, and all the cultural epochs, have their inspiring spirit that guides them. But such an inspirational spirit was a being that stood one degree hierarchically higher than the guardian spirits of the people – the archanjel.

According to the old Babylonian calendar, there are seven archangels who regularly alternate as spirits of time. Each of them rules a certain number of years, and then vacates another. At that time, people intuitively perceived the alternation of these beings. They perceived how the spiritual atmosphere of the earth changed; sensed the presence of a new spiritual being and began counting the first year of the new era. They noticed that the ghosts of time alternated regularly, in a circle of seven, and based their wisdom on their calendar.

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