The Winding Tale of a Dog Who Refused to Stop Until It Felt Safe Enough to Throw.


M. Roger Massey was resolved to save the abandoned pit bull he had discovered stranded in the woods. Sadly, it soon became apparent that was easier said than done.

The fearful pit bull, who was eventually given the name Pappas, would not allow anyone to come near him and would growl constantly when they tried. He was unaware that these folks were attempting to assist him and was terrified and upset. Nothing would make him stop being terrified; he had learnt to be afraid.

Massey posted on Facebook, “I’ve rescued four abandoned dogs from this park, but this guy is too aggressive.”

To help Pappas, Massey tried reaching out to everyone he could think of. He kept bringing him food and drink, leaving it for him to receive in the distance. Pappas was fine with Massey’s dogs getting close to him, but not with people. Saving Hope Animal Rescue also offered assistance, but at first they were also experiencing trouble.

Finally, after spending three weeks alone himself in the woods, Pappas had had enough. He was approached directly by two volunteers, who put a leash around his neck. The volunteers could see plainly now that the poor pittie only had three legs, frail from being left on his own for such a long time. It took him a long time to determine it was worth a try because he was so afraid to trust people.

Things changed as soon as Pappas was secure. He no longer felt the need to pretend to be tough. Everyone involved in his rescue was ecstatic for him when he turned into the loveliest puppy who just wanted to be loved.

“He wants to follow his human everywhere and has the most soulful eyes,” Saving Hope Animal Rescue executive director Lauren Anton said to The Dodo.

Pappas is currently awaiting adoption in a foster home, and he is embracing every second of his new existence. Hopefully, he’ll find a forever home soon and won’t have to worry about falling in love again.

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