The touching journey of an earless dog finding a companion and forever home


Greenville County Animal Care is in dire need of a volunteer to transport a seriously injured dog to a veterinary clinic following a brutal attack by two other dogs.

Legend was rescued by two women during their walk when they heard a commotion from a nearby house. Upon inspection, they found two Pit bulls attacking poor Legend. The three dogs were then taken to Greenville County Animal Care by animal control. Alexay, who saw Legend for the first time, was shocked by his condition. He had blood all over him, multiple bite wounds on his body, a cut left ear, and a hanging right ear.

According to The Greenville News, Rizzo witnessed the visible scars on the dog’s shoulders and forward, which were a result of puncture wounds. She also mentioned that when the dog moved, blood came out from some of his serious wounds. The vet who examined him upon arrival at the emergency room was uncertain about his chances of survival. Although there were no broken bones, the trauma from the past events became too much for him to bear as he was a small dog. Fortunately, Legend demonstrated resilience and survived through his initial fight. He underwent several surgeries, received fluids, and was put on a feeding tube before he showed signs of improvement.

After a few days, the injuries on his body worsened, but over time he began to recover. Fortunately, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC intervened and helped cover his mounting medical bills. Co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan expressed her happiness with the positive outcome and gratitude for the dog’s survival. It is truly an amazing story that has made a significant impact. Despite losing both of his ears and bearing scars, the dog, named Legend, is still full of joy. He loves giving Fran kisses, and his tail never stops wagging.

Fran, the foster parent of Legend, believes that judging a book by its cover can lead to missing out on an amazing story. According to her, Legend is the sweetest animal she has ever raised, always asking for hugs and kisses. Fran admits that she thinks about keeping Legend every day because of their strong bond. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to continue fostering for Greenville County Animal Care, which is currently in desperate need of more foster homes. Fran hopes that others will step up and volunteer to foster for the organization, which is facing a critical need for help.

At the same time, Fran and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are putting in a lot of effort to find the ideal home for Legend.


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