The Romanian IAR-330 is a license-built version of the SA.330 Puma

The IAR-330 medium transport helicopter is a Romanian license-built version of the Aerospatiale SA.330 Puma. Over 100 of these helicopters were built for Romanian Air Force and Navy since 1977. Export operators are Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Sudan and United Arab Emirates.

The IAR-330 has a payload capacity of 1 000 kg. It was a complement for the IAR-316 light utility helicopter. It is used for troop and cargo transport purposes. Helicopter provides accommodation for up to 16 troops, plus the crew of three.

The IAR-330 is powered by two TURMO IV B turboshaft engines. If one or both engines are stopped, drive gears are rotated by the remaining turbine or autorotation. Helicopter has a four-blade main rotor. The IAR-330 is fitted with a semi-retractable, tricycle type landing gear. Emergency pop-out floatation units were mounted on some helicopters.

Many of Romanian IAR-330 helicopters have ωɛλρσɳ capability, carrying rocket pods, 23 mm cannons and machine guns.


IAR-330 SOCAT upgrade, developed in cooperation with Elbit Systems (Israel). It is fitted with advanced avionics, optronic reconnaissance and anti-armor system, nose-mounted 20-mm cannon, eight Raphael Spike-ER anti-tank guided missiles and unguided rocket launchers. This helicopter was introduced in 1999. A total of 24 Romanian helicopters were upgraded to this standard and are used as anti-tank gunships.

IAR-330 NAVAL, fitted with floatation gear. This variant was revealed in 2007. Romanian Naval Forces acquired three of the these helicopters. These are operated from Romanian Navy frigates.

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