The richest person in Africa – Aliko Dangote owns the most expensive villa in the continent, his life revolves around doing charity work


Dangote owns a $30 million mansion in Manila.Africa Cradle was given access to Mr. Dangote’s 12-year-old Abuja home.

TV, which I like, can amuse you and others in your living room. Bloomberg is my go-to business network.

I hope that Africa will have excellent media that will entertain us and educate us about business trends in Africa and throughout the world. my place to live.

“I feel bed to show you where I sleep,” he said, gesturing to his bedroom. I’m sleeping here. My spouse and I keep our house quiet.I put in less work here than I do at my job and elsewhere.

I find that I can read scholarly and journalistic items after eight or ten hours of sleep. sleeping for so long? to relax? While relaxing is great, sleeping too much results in poverty. “This is my bedroom; let’s go.”

Aliko Dangote works from home. He suggested setting up a home office for comfort and productivity, regardless of whether you work from home full- or part-time. I’ve had visits from notable figures like Bill Gates and Jonathan Goodluck.

The center of the house is the kitchen. It provides food for friends and families everywhere. Aliko Dangote said, “Some say life may be created in the bedroom, but it is lived in the kitchen.”

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