The Marine Talked About Strange Events!Is There A Huge Underground UFO Base At Guantanamo?

A former US soldier claims that during his service at Gautaname in Cuba he has seen a number of extraterrestrial ships that have taken off and flown from a large underwater base near the bay. About the bizarre events he gave testimony to the organization of the Mutual UFO Network, which is involved in investigating UFO cases

The former seaman in the interview revealed what happened to him and his friend in the years 1968 to 1969, although the dates are only shot in the dark, because after such a long time, they are no longer remembered. According to him, many observations have been made in Guantanamo, but they have been banned from discussing in public.

„All of the naval infantry was amazed by a lot of UFO activity above and around that base,“ the witness said, practically every night flying over their heads at less than 100 meters.

The former soldier, who wanted to remain anonymous, spotted a Martian ship, which could be 15 x 30 meters, but did not even look like a fanciful flying science fiction movie. Similar UFOs used to fly and land in the evenings in the evening and out into the water, so it looked like they had a main underwater base.

Guantanamo PrisonThe most exciting event was when he guarded the main gate, and about seven o’clock in the evening he went out to look out. As he looked across the fence into the empty guardhouse on the other side, he saw a large white cloud with a blue flashing light in the middle that was approaching to the ground. It was dark at that time.

Finally, the silence faded the Sergeant’s shouting out of the viewfinder, commanding everyone to wash their space. Then the Marine, along with a friend, moved to a safe place in the barracks, from where they could observe everything.




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