The latest Bronny update has ignited substantial uncertainty surrounding LeBron’s prospects with the Lakers


Bronny LeBron

It’s an open secret that LeBron James has been yearning to share the NBA court with his son, Bronny.

However, the most recent update from renowned NBA insider Shams Charania has introduced a cloud of uncertainty over LeBron’s future in Los Angeles.

Charania, during a recent appearance on FanDuel TV, shared some intriguing insights, saying, “When I talked to people around the league, [Bronny] is on the draft boards of multiple teams, and it makes you wonder, what if he gets drafted somewhere other than LA? LeBron James does have a player option this summer.”

LeBron’s dedication to Bronny’s basketball journey was evident when, immediately after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 127-110 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday, he rushed back to the locker room to catch Bronny’s college game.

In a packed arena with Kevin Durant watching from the front row, the USC freshman showcased his skills by nailing his first three shots, even though USC ultimately fell to Arizona with a score of 82-67. Durant, commenting on Bronny’s performance, remarked, “He was aggressive. He played well.”

Bronny, just ten games into his college career after enduring a cardiac arrest scare in July, contributed significantly to the game, tallying 11 points on 5-11 shooting, six assists, five rebounds, a block, and five turnovers.

Charania shed light on Bronny’s evolving game, stating, “When I talked to NBA people, they know defensively, he’s a lot further along than offensively.”

Before his health setback, Bronny was considered a surefire first-round pick, but his draft stock has somewhat declined, with late first-round selection being the best-case scenario at the moment.

Interest in the younger James extends beyond the Lakers and into the league, with teams like the Miami Heat closely monitoring his progress, even sending representatives to attend his games and take notes, as reported by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

For now, USC’s head coach, Andy Enfield, has been pleasantly surprised by Bronny’s performance and development. Enfield expressed, “The young man went through a situation this summer, medically, that was very difficult and challenging.

Bronny James, he has no ego, he’s a terrific teammate. He’s so easy to coach because he just wants to get better. I think you see it. And he is getting better.”

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