The Kronos: Manta Ray-Shaped Armored Submarine by Highland Systems


T?? Emi??ti st??t-?? D?s??t P?w?? D?si?ns/Hi??l?n? S?st?ms ?nv?il?? m?nt? ???-s????? s??m??in? K??n?s in t?? liv? ??m?nst??ti?n ?t t?? NAVDEX n?v?l ????, wit? t?? c?m??n? s??in? its c???t’s???????n?mic ??ll ?iv?s it ?i?? s????c? ?n? s??m????? s????s. Tw? ?n???w?t?? s??ci?l-missi?n c???t w??? ?nv?il?? ???in? t?? IDEX 2023 s??w, ??l? in A?? D???i ???m 20 t? 24 F???????. T?? K??n?s ??s tw? w??s t? s??m????: ? ‘??n?mic ?iv? ?t ?i?? s????’, ?? m??? c?nv?nti?n?ll? ?illin? its ??ll?st t?nks. T?? K??n?s ??s ???n ?n?????in? s?? t?i?ls ??? t?? ??st tw? m?nt?s, ? s??ci?l ??m?nst??ti?n is sc????l?? ??? t?? Unit?? A??? Emi??t?s (UAE) N?v? in t?? n?xt tw? w??ks, ?n? ???t??? t?sts ??? ?x??ct?? t? t?k? ?l?c? in It?l? l?t?? t?is ????.

Highland Systems Unveils Manta Ray-shaped Armoured Submarine Kronos -  MilitaryLeak

M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s
M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s. (P??t? ?? Hi??l?n? S?st?ms)
K??n?s w?ic? is s????? lik? ? m?nt? ??? ?n? is c????l? ?? l??nc?in? mini t???????s ?? Unm?nn?? ?n???w?t?? v??icl?s (UUVs). D?si?n?? ??? milit???, ??s???c?, ??sc??, ?n? ?n???w?t?? ?n?in???in? ?????s?s, t?? K??n?s is 9.03 m l?n?, 7.43 m wi??, ?n? 2.09 m ?i??, ?n??lin? it t? c???? 11 ????l?, incl??in? t?? ?il?t. A??iti?n?l ???t???s c?n incl??? 360° ni??t-visi?n c?m???s, ? s?n?? s?st?m, six li??tw?i??t t???????s, ?n? ? l?ck-??t c??m??? t??t ?n??l?s ?iv??s t? l??v? t?? c???t wit???t ?l???in? t?? c??in. It ??s ? ?i?s?l ?n?in? t??t ?iv?s it ? t?? s???? ?? 43 kt ?n t?? s????c? ?n? ? 1,200 ?? ?l?ct?ic m?t?? ??? ? s??m????? t?? s???? ?? 27 kt, w?ic? s??s it is ??si?n?? t? ?????t? ?t ? ???t? ?? 100 m, wit? 250 m list?? ?s its c?itic?l ???t?, ?n? t??t its ??tt??i?s l?st ??? ?? t? 18 ????s.

M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s
M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s. (P??t? ?? Hi??l?n? S?st?ms)
T?is ??m????? s??m??si?l? ??s ? ?i??l? ??v?nc?? ???????n?mic ??si?n, ?????s ?i?? ??????m?nc?, ?xc??ti?n?l ???ici?nc? ?n? si?ni?ic?ntl? ????c?s ?n???? c?sts w??n s??m?????. It is ? s??m??in? t??t c?n ?cc?mm???t? ? c??w ?? ?l?v?n ?n? ??s ???n ??v?l???? ?? Hi??l?n? S?st?ms’ ?i??l? skill?? ??si?n, ??s???c? ?n? ??v?l??m?nt t??m. T?is ????i? v?ss?l, w?ic? ?l?n?s ?i?s?l ?n? ?l?ct?ic ??w??, is s?it??l? ??? ? v??i?t? ?? ?????ti?ns, incl??in? ??sc?? ?n? c?m??t ?????ti?ns. T?? s??m??in? ???t???s ?n inn?v?tiv? ??ll ??si?n t??t si?ni?ic?ntl? ????c?s ???l c?ns?m?ti?n, inc???s?s t?? s???? ?n? ???vi??s ?i?? s????c? st??ilit?. T?is ??in?s ? c?m?l?t?l? n?w c?nc??t t? s??m??in? ?????cti?n w??l?wi??.

M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s
M?nt? R??-s????? A?m????? S??m??in? K??n?s. (P??t? ?? Hi??l?n? S?st?ms)
Hi??l?n? S?st?ms is ?n R&D ?n? ???j?ct m?n???m?nt c?m??n? w?ic? s??ci?liz?s in ??v?l??m?nt ?n? im?l?m?nt?ti?n ?? st?t?-??-t??-??t t?c?n?l??? int? ?????cti?n. T?? c?m??n? ??l? n?m????s Int??n?ti?n?l P?t?nts ?n? IP ?i??ts wit? R&D c????iliti?s ?nc?m??ssin? ?ll ?s??cts ?? inn?v?ti?n. Hi??l?n? S?st?ms ??l?s n?m????s Int??n?ti?n?l P?t?nts ?n? IP ?i??ts wit? R&D c????iliti?s ?nc?m??ssin? ?ll ?s??cts ?? inn?v?ti?n, ?n????ll?l?? t?c?nic?l ?x???tis? ?n? ??v?nc?? t?c?n?l???. T?? c?m??n? s??ci?liz? in int????tin? ??v?nc?? t?c?n?l??i?s int? ?????cts ?n? ?s? it t? ?n??nc? ?n? s?????t m?n???ct??in? c????iliti?s, inc???sin? ?????cts ???ici?nc? ?n? ??????m?nc?. T?? c?m??n? ??si?n s??ci?list w???l?? ?n? ?m??i?i??s c?m??t v??icl?s ??? milit??? ?n? s?c??it? ???lic?ti?ns.

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