The Initial Passion of Our Lives


My beloved daughter! You are the first person that your parents loved even before they knew you.

From the moment we learned of your existence, our hearts swelled with a love so profound and unconditional that it defied description. Before we ever saw your face or heard your cry, we were already deeply and irrevocably in love with you. You were a cherished dream, a promise of endless joy and hope.

As you grew within me, each flutter and kick was a reminder of the miracle that was to come. Our hearts beat with anticipation, eager to welcome you into our lives and shower you with all the love we had to give. You were our first love, the embodiment of our hopes and dreams, and the source of our greatest happiness.

The moment you arrived, our world transformed. Your tiny hands, your soft cries, your innocent eyes—everything about you filled our hearts with an indescribable joy. We loved you fiercely, protectively, with a depth that we had never known before. You were the center of our universe, the light that illuminated our days and nights.

As you grow, that love only deepens. With every smile, every milestone, every shared moment, our bond strengthens. You are a living testament to the power of love, a reminder of the beauty and wonder of life. Our love for you is timeless, unwavering, and boundless.

My beloved daughter, know that you were loved from the very beginning. You are our precious treasure, our first and forever love. Our hearts will always beat with pride and joy for you, supporting you in every step of your journey.

In you, we find our greatest purpose and our most profound joy. You are loved beyond measure, now and always.

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