The indescribable pain of 7 pet owners when saying goodbye to their “children” forever


There are no words that can describe the hard moment in which an owner is forced to say goodbye to his pet forever. As much as we know very well that all our loved ones, including the darlings of the house, have a time in this world, when they have to leave us it is something that definitely no one is prepared for.

Some shocking images captured by photographer  Ross Taylor reveal that heartbreaking moment and although we do not deny that they are particularly hard, they have served to raise awareness and make people around owners who lose a pet more sensitive and empathize with their pain.

7 owners share their pain when helping their pets cross the rainbow and it’s heartbreaking



The snapshots were taken with the cooperation of dog owners in the Tampa Bay area of ​​Florida, whose pets were assisted by ‘Lap of Love’ veterinarians, who are responsible for calmly euthanasia at home when the The state of the pet is such that there is no other way out than to be sacrificed. It is very painful, but many times it is preferable to seeing them suffer unnecessarily.

The photographer reveals that she was deeply moved by watching a friend struggle with the deterioration of his own pet’s health and his decision to use euthanasia, and it was what motivated her to capture the scenes to share them with the world, with the consent of these 7 pet owners. This is what went through the hearts of these devastated people:


Olesya Lykovi screamed in anguish after the death of her beloved dog Sam. Moments before she had asked the doctor if she had already left, to which she replied: “He has his wings now.”







«I tried to do more, I tried to do everything I could. But they said there was nothing else I can do,” said Kiara Manrique as she cried for the loss of her dog.

Her sister and the doctor, who is not pictured, came over to comfort her, while her other pets didn’t really understand what was happening.




Marquita Leibe  paced back and forth before bending down to be close to her dog Daisy, minutes before she was put to sleep. Shortly after, her husband Donald had to leave the scene to recover and return stronger to support his wife.




“She’s my angel,” said Jennifer Hoch, as she kisses her cat, Shadow, and says goodbye shortly before he is euthanized.




Carrie Peterson dropped sunflowers on the grave of her little dog Asia , while her heart refused to leave him there forever.

“The smell of newly converted land is what I remember and how peaceful Asia was inside,” the photographer said.




Leigh Zahn sat alone on her bed as her eyes clouded with tears, laying her dog Spencer on her lap for the last time.


This moving image was taken moments after Spencer passed away.




Vanessa Gangadyal comforts her eight-year-old son Ian while her husband Michael pets their dog Ally shortly after his death.




Wendy Lehr cuddled up to her dog Mimosa shortly after she died, surrounded by family members. She remembered all the moments lived with her faithful companion, but she was no longer there.



“I’ve loved you for so long,” Juliet Rubio said as she lay down next to her dog, Dingo. “I hate this, I hate this,” she said over and over again before the last injection. “She has given me a lot of comfort.” When she began to die, she cried for him and told him over and over again: “I love you, I love you. Soon, you will be free again.



Heartbreaking moments each and every one of them. Each owner has his story and the pain that he carries inside, we are left with the hope that these innocent creatures already rest in the afterlife and that they gave us the happiest moments of our lives.

At Zoorprendente we truly wish for a more empathetic world with all those who lose a pet, many do not understand everything they suffer.


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