The Incredible Story of a Headless Chicken That Can Still Live and Walk for 18 Months (Video)


In a bizarre yet fascinating story, a chicken named Mike lived for 18 months without a head. Yes, you read that right, the chicken had no head! The story of Mike, also known as the “Miracle Mike,” started in 1945 when a farmer in Colorado was slaughtering chickens for meat. One of the chickens managed to escape the ax, but its head was not completely severed from its body.

To everyone’s surprise, the chicken did not die but instead continued to live and even tried to peck for food using its neck. The farmer, Lloyd Olsen, was amazed by the chicken’s resilience and decided to take care of it. He fed it a mixture of milk and water using an eyedropper and would put food directly into its esophagus.

News of the headless chicken spread quickly, and Mike became somewhat of a celebrity, even going on tour with Olsen to showcase his incredible survival. The Guinness Book of World Records even recognized Mike as the longest-living chicken without a head.

However, Mike’s fame and fortune eventually came to an end. While on tour in Arizona, Mike choked on a kernel of corn and passed away. Nevertheless, his story remains an unbelievable testament to the resilience of animals and the strange and wonderful things that can happen in the world.


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