The history’s most contentious enormous skeletons


Do you guys believe in giants? Probably not. But in fact, you can easily find unearthed photos of many giant skeletons … astounded.

Maybe most of them are “fake” but they are really impressive. Even a few photos of the giant skeleton are still controversial because of its authenticity.

1. 18 giant skeletons in Wisconsin in 1912

In May 1912, archaeologists from Beloit University (USA) unearthed 18 skeletons in the area of ​​Lake Delavan, Wisconsin (USA). The skeletons had body sizes and skulls that fell into the category of oversized, unlike any human species ever found. Some people also think that these are the remains of … aliens.

The information was published nationwide and since then more than 200 cases have been reported as: “found giant human remains”. Although it did not resonate, there are many photos taken as evidence like the one you are looking at below.

The photo caused a lot of controversy

Many believe this photo is a fake, as the man is standing on a mound too flat to be the excavation area. However, back to the story of 18 skeletons – can a piece of fake news cause such shock in the national media? And if the skeletons are real, then the question is: “why would anyone hide them?”. Some conspiracy theories suggest that scientists are trying to hide the truth from the past.


Another “fake” skeleton in Brazil

Even according to some information, the US Supreme Court is forcing the Smithsonian Institution (American research institute and museum) to publish secret documents from the 1990s, which reveal that the Smithsonian broke the law. destroyed thousands of giant skeletons to protect the institute’s hundreds of years of evolutionary views.

Specifically, scientists believe that the ancestors of Americans were people from Asia. But with the existence of giant remains, this view is completely wrong.

However, what the truth is, so far we still can’t know because it has not been published.

2. Giant skull in Peru

The skeleton you see below is… the real thing, found in 2011 by Renato Davila Riquelme – an expert at the Privado Ritos Andinos museum, Peru.


Calling a giant skeleton has some places… incorrect, because in fact this skeleton is just giant skull bones. The whole body of the skeleton is 1m, the skull has taken up… 50cm.

Although DNA tests have been performed, scientists have not been able to determine which race the skeleton belongs to. Many imaginative people also believe that these are giant human bones and even… aliens.

3. Giants in Egypt


This photo once caused a storm of public opinion. Many believe this is evidence that the giants helped the ancient Egyptians build the Pyramids. There are even information describing this skeleton in detail: 4m high, giant skull…

However, the truth is that this is a Photoshop work… faulty. The real photo is the one below.


4. Giant skull at Harvard University (USA)

The photo you see below is real. However, the thing inside the picture is not.


This skull is indeed huge, but it was created by scientists at Harvard University (USA) in 1890, to give students a more intuitive and clearer view of the human skull structure.

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