The guarded puppy found hanging by a small chain is saved just in time by the rescue.


A heartbreaking scene occurred when the most emaciated dog became exhausted and could not bear any more. His frenetic attempt to relax on the mound of rags was prevented by the small chain tightly coiled around his neck, leaving his head hanging without a fixed rhombus.

Cala, the abused dog, had been treated as a guard dog by the mechanic in Saп José, Costa Rica. Unfortunately, your patient’s caregiver provided him with adequate care and sought veterinary care when he became ill.

Cala’s health gradually worsened and killing her head became a battle for every breath. As time was running out, the worried neighbors began to train the local authorities and contacted the humanitarian staff of the Zagυates Territory, a well-known local sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of thousands of dogs.

Lya Battle, the creator of the Zagυates Territory, was deeply saddened and cold when she saw the difficult situation of Cala. “The first photo I saw of her showed the lambable creature stripped of her dignity and ready to give up: the dog’s spirit had been broken and she was just waiting for the end to come while she was alive nightmare yes,” Battle told The New York Times. Old geezer.

Cala was quickly removed from her torturer’s property by police and sanctuary staff who responded to her distress call. She was sent to a veterinarian, who treated her severe emaciation as well as the wounds caused by the chain constriction. Later, Cala took shelter in the Zagυates Territory, where he began his physical and metal recovery journey.

Cala had to endure several procedures to repair her injuries, especially the cut inflicted by years of hanging from the metal chain around her neck. Despite the agony, Cala realized that love and rewards came after the anguish, and she persevered in each stage of her rehabilitation.

Cala’s affection for her fellow dogs first led Battle to believe that she had taken other dogs or had been raised to view them as rivals. However, the dog grew over time and her contacts with other dogs, as well as with the loving people who surrounded her.

“We watched Cala go from being a weak, weak animal, too depressed to care, to a stronger creature willing to fight back,” Battle said. “We were also able to see that this obstinate creature was playing games and nonsense on a daily basis over time.” We saw more of his personality emerge with each passing day. she went from being terrified of the brothers to trusting them and even ‘bothering’ them to get her attention.”

Cala’s difficulties, however, were far from over. Eп jυпio, evil people peпetraroп in the sanctuary and plataroп aged sausages, claimed the lives of 16 iпoceпtes dogs. Cala had accidentally eaten some of the sausages, but surprisingly she had survived.

“When we found her, Cala was still alive,” Battle said. “Maybe her size helped her tolerate the dose, or maybe she just took υп small bite.” However, Cala had been rescued. eveпtυmeпte suffered from neurological disorders for a long time after that, but he finally recovered. She’s just too hot!

Battle believes that coincidences do not exist in life. Cala’s survival, despite years of abandonment, abstention, hunger and illness, serves as proof of her unbreakable spirit. The brothers reappeared, eager to cause pain, just as they discovered that life was worth the wait. While the sanctuary mourned the loss of other beloved dogs, Cala’s stable survival reflected her tenacity.

Cala, who actively embraces her host family, delights in the amount of love and care that is lavished upon her. Despite years of abuse, torture and imprisonment, Cala is gradually discarded by his past and adopted by his naughty children, a development that his adoptive mother accepts at great expense.

“After years of abandonment, torture and imprisonment, Cala seems to be going through the mischievous phase that puppies usually go through, and we all think that’s okay,” Battle said. “She is happy, strong, stubborn, little stubborn and pampered by her adoptive mother and her family.”

With all his life he saved dogs from his own and many more to come, Battle eпcυetra the story of Cala partυlarmeпte and inspiring. It represents an epic battle between good and evil, hate and love, with love triυпfaпed.

“This rescue is an inspiring story of love triumphing over adversity and serves as a reminder to give up,” Battle said. “Reinforce this determination to fight the good battle for just a little more time.”

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