The extraordinary journey of a brave dog wounded by an arrow


Following a horrifying incident, the rescue team went above and beyond to ensure the survival of a little puppy. This furry friend had an arrow lodged in her neck, but fortunately, it wasn’t too deep. Despite the potential challenges that lay ahead, the question remains: what fate awaited poor Tiffany Grace?

Meet Tiffany Grace, a lovable 4-month-old female crossbreed who was rescued after being shot with an arrow. Her savior, Lyn Thornton, adopted her and named her Tiffany because she’s a precious little gem and Grace because it was by God’s grace that her life was spared. The incident occurred in a neighborhood near Desert Hot Springs, a city located in Riverside County, California. A kind-hearted woman heard Tiffany’s cries and found her with an arrow lodged in her neck. She immediately contacted Riverside County Animal Services, who swiftly took her to a veterinary clinic. Although the arrow missed vital arteries, everyone was stunned by the incident. Tiffany Grace is now thriving and is adored by all who meet her.

It is absolutely disgusting to think that someone could intentionally shoot an innocent puppy with an arrow. Our team is incredibly shocked and saddened by this heinous act, and we are urging anyone who may have information about the perpetrator to come forward. Despite this cruel act, our team will continue to care for the puppy and provide it with the love and attention it deserves. It is truly remarkable to witness this sweet puppy show affection despite the trauma it has endured. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone could commit such a horrible crime against such an innocent creature. The person responsible for this despicable act must be severely disturbed and in need of help.

According to Erin Gettis, the director of animal services, the investigation into the attacker is currently ongoing.


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