The dog that gave birth on the pavement is saved, and her puppies are lovingly cared for until the very end.


Nothing can be more depressing and heartbreaking for a than having to give birth to her babies on the sidewalk.

This poor mother had to expose herself not only to the many dangers of the streets, hunger and disease, but she was also heartbroken when she was abandoned because her owner discovered that she accidentally became pregnant .

Without any intention of taking responsibility or providing her with the care she so desperately needed, her owner put her in his car and drove miles away from her home to leave her in a place where she could not return.

The dog was on the verge of death while trying to give birth on the sidewalk to save her babies


Unfortunately, there are many dogs that have to experience this situation in the hands of irresponsible owners who end up throwing them away as if they were old furniture.

The days passed and the brave mother did everything possible to survive, pregnant and living on the streets, her health worsened with the days .

Many passed by indifferent to his tragedy, only a good Samaritan offered help.

After trying to carry her pregnancy to term, she managed to give birth lying in a cardboard box. Almost unconscious, her mother used the little strength she had to protect her babies.

The brave mother managed to bring six  puppies into the world but sadly two of them could not survive . In the midst of her grief, she tried to keep the rest of the litter warm and fed, but she was too tired to fight alone.

No animal should suffer because of man’s foolishness.

It wasn’t until a passerby took pity and called a woman who lives near the area and helps animals, that the mother was able to feel a little calmer.

However, it was not easy to gain the mother’s trust , at first she did not let anyone get close to her, much less her offspring. If anyone tried to get close she would attack them, she understandably drew her protective instinct from her.

Watch his transformation in this  team spread this story to raise awareness:


Finally, the dog understood that no one would harm her or her babies, so she calmed down and accepted the help of her rescuers .

They quickly transported everyone to a veterinary clinic where they received the medical attention they needed. The mother was very weak but she would recover if she received the appropriate treatment.

The puppies had to spend the next 48 hours under observation to determine if they would survive or not .

All animal lovers must unite against unfair treatment of innocent animals.

Incredibly, the four remaining puppies survived and are gaining weight every day thanks to the fact that their mother is feeding well and can provide them with all the milk they need.

The dog must follow a special diet, it is vital that she consumes all the nutrients to thrive and achieve an absolute recovery after her traumatic experience due to her owner.

The family is happy, they will soon be put up for adoption.

Thanks to the generosity of a passerby and the incredible work of their rescuer, the entire furry family is safe and healthy . However, it saddens us to know that like her, there are thousands of dogs left to fend for themselves and exposed to the worst treatment, when they should at least be sterilized so as not to suffer anymore.

How can it be possible that people have no compassion for dogs who have lives inside them? What they did to this mother has no name. And I hope this story serves to touch hearts and raise awareness.

Please, let us raise our voices and speak out in favor of those dogs who silently suffer mistreatment at the hands of unscrupulous beings.

The vocation of saving animals is truly admirable, do not criticize or underestimate those who provide shelter to an abandoned animal. Better follow his example and help him transform the concept that many have of stray dogs.

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