The difficult process of a severely sick puppy’s amazing recovery and return of his sigh


An innocent little puppy with a serious health condition was sadly abandoned in an unknown location.

This poor little soul was in terrible pain, all alone, and had his eyes completely shut. With no means to see and abandoned in a completely unknown location, he was absolutely terrified.

Thankfully, a local rescuer, Danu Colombo, who dedicated his life to saving furry lives, found this poor puppy and decided that he’d do everything possible to save him.

The Miracle Makeover

photo of an abandoned dog in a very bad condition

Danu named him Boroque and started immediately with his treatment.

Under Boroque’s fluffy coat, you could only feel bones, as he was severely underweight. They soon found out that Boroque suffered from Demodectic mange, sometimes just called ‘Demodex’ or ‘red mange’.

This caused his face to be super swollen, infected, and without the ability to open his eyes.

His fur was also peeling on the rest of his body, especially on his legs. It was so terrible that as soon as someone would touch him, his hair would fall out.

Boroque was sadly also very weak, and his belly was full of parasites. The treatment was not easy at all.

They had to give him special food with vitamins and antibiotics, special baths, and pray that he would be able to survive.

photo of a dog with infected eyes next to medicine and products
After two weeks of treatment, Boroque was starting to feel better.
healed dog lying on a blanket

His eyes gradually opened, he started wagging his tail, and he was even friendly with other dogs.

It was such a great improvement, but there was still a long road to recovery ahead of Boroque.

Beauty Unleashed

photo of Baroque and an other dog sitting on wooden stairs

Danu, Boroque’s rescuer, and everyone around him who helped with treatment and taking care of dogs, fell in love with this little pup.

They were all so happy that this tiny dog found its way into their life.

Slowly, over time, Baroque was starting to feel better. His temperament improved and he was becoming more friendly.

Also, his fur started to grow back. 

After the treatment was completed, Boroque was almost completely unrecognizable. He was a completely new dog – a gorgeous one.

Baroque healed and happy lying on the floor

He wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Danu, his friends, and life-saving treatment.

Boroque is now a stunning dog that is super friendly and loves to play. He is also much bigger now.

This heartwarming journey is a true example of how a single touch of love can transform someone’s life in the blink of an eye.

The beauty of everyone is already within them, but it only takes the right person to see it and bring it to light.

If there were more people like Danu Colombo, this world would be a better place. Thank you for saving this little boy and letting his beauty shine. 

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