The COMMANDO Family of Vehicles from Textron Systems.


The Commando Family of Vehicles is a range of tactical wheeled vehicles developed by Textron Systems, designed for military and security applications. These vehicles are known for their versatility, mobility, and adaptability to various mission requirements. Here are some examples of vehicles in the Commando Family:

  1. M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV): The M1117 ASV is a 4×4 armored vehicle used for reconnaissance, security, convoy escort, and other missions. It provides protection against small arms fire, artillery fragments, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  2. Commando Utility Tactical Transport (CUTT): The CUTT is a multi-role utility vehicle designed for troop transport, cargo logistics, and support missions. It offers a high level of mobility and can operate in diverse terrains and environments.
  3. Commando Select: The Commando Select is a family of armored vehicles that includes various configurations such as reconnaissance, command and control, and armored personnel carriers. These vehicles are designed for durability, survivability, and mission flexibility.
  4. Commando Elite: The Commando Elite is an advanced variant of the Commando Family, featuring enhanced protection, firepower, and mobility capabilities. It is suitable for a wide range of missions, including combat operations, peacekeeping, and homeland security.
  5. Commando Advanced: The Commando Advanced is a modernized version of the Commando Family, incorporating advanced technologies for improved performance, reliability, and operational effectiveness. It offers modular configurations to meet specific mission requirements.

These are just a few examples of the vehicles within Textron Systems’ Commando Family lineup. Each vehicle is tailored to meet the needs of military and security forces, providing them with the mobility, protection, and firepower necessary to accomplish their missions effectively.

Australian Army soldiers with the Rheinmetall Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle during Exercise Chong Ju at Puckapunyal training area, Victoria, on

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