The CH-53 Helicopter successfully lands aboard the Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft.


Airbus Defence and Space has achieved a significant milestone in military cargo transport with the successful testing of a cutting-edge loading system designed to efficiently load outsized military equipment onto the Airbus Beluga A300-600ST aircraft. During a recent verification exercise conducted in collaboration with the German armed forces, Airbus demonstrated the system’s capabilities by flawlessly loading a CH53 military medium-lift helicopter into the Beluga cargo plane.

Airbus tests loading system for outsized military cargo on Beluga | Airbus

The demand for outsized air cargo capabilities has been steadily increasing, driven by a scarcity of capacity and evolving geopolitical circumstances. To address these challenges, Airbus Defence and Space introduced its innovative solution utilizing the BelugaST fleet. Michael Schoellhorn, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, highlighted the timeliness of this development, stating, “Speed, agility, and autonomy are crucial elements for our customers when it comes to such operations.”

The newly unveiled self-funded cargo loading system, alongside its accompanying jig, was conceptualized, developed, and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space engineers in a remarkably short period of 1.5 years. This rapid timeline underscores the company’s dedication to addressing the pressing needs of the military cargo transport sector. The system enables the loading of a CH53 helicopter, even in a partially disassembled state, within an impressive timeframe of less than 1.5 hours. Subsequently, the entire loading process into the Beluga aircraft can be accomplished in approximately one hour. Notably, the system boasts a lifting capacity of up to 35 tonnes, and its mobility allows it to be relocated to the aircraft’s intended destination.

The successful verification event held in Manching, near Munich, marked a pivotal point in the development and testing of this loading system. However, the final confirmation of its capabilities will be determined by the Bundeswehr in the weeks to come. This achievement holds promise not only for enhancing military cargo transportation but also for streamlining time-sensitive operations.

It’s worth noting that Airbus has broadened the role of its existing BelugaST fleet, which was traditionally dedicated to transporting large aircraft sections between various Airbus production sites. This transformation was spurred by the introduction of the BelugaXL, a larger aircraft based on the A330-200 platform. With this expansion, the existing BelugaST fleet is poised to offer efficient customer transport services on a global scale.

17 A300-600st ideas | airbus, beluga, aircraft

In conclusion, Airbus Defence and Space’s successful testing of the advanced cargo loading system represents a significant leap forward in the realm of military cargo transport. By addressing the growing demand for outsized air cargo capabilities and offering a streamlined, efficient solution, Airbus is reaffirming its commitment to innovation in the aerospace industry.

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