Taylor Swift teams $2,290 Gucci tote with her fitness gear for work-out session in LA


She just put out some new music and is now working on her seventh studio album.

However, Taylor Swift made sure to take care of herself when she went to the gym late Thursday night in West Hollywood.


The 29-year-old singer worked out with trainers at The Dogpound and wore black shorts that showed off her crаzy-long legs.



Go for a workout: Taylor Swift made sure to take care of herself when she went to the gym late Thursday night in West Hollywood.Swift walked into the studio with a smile on her face, ready to work out. She was ready to lift weights.With a black Under Armour tank top that matched, she wore tiny black shorts that showed off her long, thin legs.She put on a pair of orange and black Nike sneakers and pulled her bright blonde hair back into a loose ponytail. The singer of “Look What You Made Me Do” didn’t seem to have any makeup on when she was walking around the gym.


Let’s get it done! As Swift walked through the fitness studio, she was ready to work out.

Even though she usually stays away from politics, she recently told DPA in an interview that her seventh studio album will have political messages on it.

She said, “I’m sure there are political undertones in the new music I made.” I’m not going to stop trying to get young people to talk about what’s going on in our country and get them to vote. That seems like a very important thing for me to do.

The Grammy Award-winning singer finally got into politics in October 2018, when she backed two Democratic candidates in Tennessee’s midterm elections.

Many things have happened in her life and the world in the last two years that have made her feel very differently about sharing her political views in public. She wrote this in a long post.

People often see her going to and from the gym in stylish workout clothes.

That’s exactly what Taylor Swift did on Wednesday, after a tough workout at Body By Simone in West Hollywood.

The 27-year-old woman wore orange and black leggings with a gray top and cream sneakers to show off her long legs.

She finished off the look with a pretty pricey bag: a $2,290 padlock Gucci signature top handle bag.



Gucci to the gym: On Wednesday, Taylor Swift brought a purse worth nearly $3,000 to a gym in West Hollywood.

The singer from Bad Blооd wore green, black, and gray pants that went well with her casual t-shirt.

She walked around in cream and white sneakers and a structured black and gold purse.

Taylor put a pretty necklace on and tied a blush-colored long-sleeved top around her tiny waist.

The “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” singer put her short blonde hair back in a low ponytail and let her fringe hang over her forehead.




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