Taylor Swift arrives at Arrowhead to cheer on boyfriend Travis Kelce


Taylor Swift will spend New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend Travis Kelce after his Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 25-17, at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

Swift arrived for her ninth game of the NFL season on Sunday, wearing the same jacket that Kelce wore six days earlier for his own arrival on Christmas Day.

Swift arrived in a blacked-out sedan and then hopped on her usual golf cart to be taken into the stadium’s bоwels, where she watched her man take on the Bengals – before ringing in the New Year at Travis’ $6 million mansion.

Fans, unsurprisingly, flocked to Taylor’s gameday ensemble, immediately noticing that she appeared to have borrowed Kelce’s jacket.

‘Taylor is wearing Travis’ jacket, I’m going to scream,’ one user said on X, before another added, ‘TAYLOR HAS A WAG JACKET OMG.’






Kelce was seen donning a black-and-white Nike tracksuit as he rocked up for Sunday’s game



Swift wore the jacket that Travis modeled for his Christmas Day arrival just seven days ago



Taylor had a braid in her hair, and also swapped her usual skirt for trousers on New Year’s Eve



Kelce then played for the Chiefs in a crucial home game against the Bengals.

Before the focus shifts to tonight’s festivities, Swift will be hoping that Kelce and his teammates can recover from their Christmas Day loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Swift’s loss was the Chiefs’ third this season, with the popstar herself being chastised by some for being a ‘distraction’ to the team.

A win over the Bengals secures the Suρer Bowl champions’ playoff spot, giving them even more reason to celebrate on New Year’s Eve.



Swift has been a regular this season, with New Year’s Eve marking her ninth game for the Chiefs in 2023.

Kelce was seen leaving his house earlier in the day on his way to Arrowhead, and the Chiefs tight end was dressed in a Bengal tiger-print tracksuit – perhaps an unwise choice as he prepared to face the Bengals.

Swift and Kelce have spent a lot of time together in recent weeks, with the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ hitmaker spending Christmas Day in a VIP suite at the stadium before a festive bash at Kelce’s house.

On Christmas Day, Kelce and Swift’s fathers, Ed and Scott, watched the game together, as did Swift’s mother, Andrea.

Donna Kelce was the only parent who was absent on Christmas Day because she was at a Philadelphia Eagles game with her other son Jason – and her grandchildren.




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