Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System Unveiled by Yugoimport

Serbian state-owned defence company Yugoimport has unveiled its new Tamnava 122/267mm dual multiple launch rocket system. The 267/122 mm MLRS is designed as a modular system. The modularity is reflected in the possibility of using launch pods loaded with 267 mm rockets and all variants of 122mm rockets of the Russian-made BM-21 Grad (Hail) system. For self-defense, the crew has a heavy machine gun on a characteristic cabin superstructure. Smoke grenade launchers are also provided on the forehead of the cabin.

Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System
Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System

The Tamnava is based on the chassis of KAMAZ 6560 8×8 heavy truck, which has been fitted with an armored crew cabin. In the baseline configuration, the Tamnava carries two packs of 122mm rockets with 25 cells in each , or two six-cell 267mm packs. Therefore, the system is armed with 50 122mm or 12 267mm ready-use rockets. According to the manufacturer, the Tamnava has a maximum firing range of 40 km (for the 122mm rockets) or 70 km (for the 267mm rockets). The system also carries two spare 25-cell 122mm rocket packs in its ammunition load.


Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System
Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System

The vehicle is 10.5m long, 2.6m wide, and 2.8m high. The system is controlled by a three-man crew. The Tamnava is fired from its cabin or through the medium of a remote control panel. The Tamnava’s sensor suite comprises an inertial measurement unit, satellite navigation receiver, and radio. The MLRS is also armed with a roof-mounted heavy machinegun and smoke dischargers. The system is (un)loaded with a hoisting device mounted on the platform. Another option is to use disposable launch tubes.

Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System
Yugoimport Tamnava 122/267 Dual Multiple Launch Rocket System

The platform is equipped with jacks for hanging. In the rear of the machine placed launcher with remote control. Provided horizontal aiming within 110 ° to the right and left of the axis and vertical from 3 ° to 60 °. The installation has a movable frame with mounts for mounting two launch modules with missiles. In front of the launcher, a space is provided for transporting two additional modules that are moved by crane. After the main ammunition is fired, the crew can remove the empty modules and replace them with spare ones for a new salvo. Then MLRS needs the help of a transport vehicle with new modules.

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