Surprising Reasons C-5 is Ridiculously More Expensive to Fly than a Super Advanced F-22

The 1st time I saw a C5A take off was a shock. It begins by screaming down the runway, simply lumbering slowly, or so it seems. Then all at once she is airborne. It’s a sight to behold!

Proud to have worked on the C-5M (C-5 RERP) designed the EBU for it’s new CF6-80C2 L1F engines in San Diego.

First saw the components of the F-22 at Lockheed – Marietta, GA in 1996, that was 26 years ago, wonder what’s in the “skunk works” now, I can only imagine.

Very cool to see you used the C-5’s from the 167th Air Lift Wing, West Virginia Air National Guard’s C-5s in Martinsburg, WV

It’s funny. Some of the tails shown are from bases that haven’t had C-5’s in years. C-5’s haven’t had TF-39’s for quite some time now either.

Anyone here that’s a military buff or an aircraft buff certainly is aware that the F-22 Raptor has been discontinued they’re not producing anymore it’s already been replaced and this is old news I’m giving you. They are continuing with the 35 and I hope you guys have been able to see the new 6th generation that is being tested as we speak.


the f 22 could probably fly all year with the fuel the galaxy burns from take off to 10k feet when heavily loaded.

Comparing two planes that are only used for training or combat. Vast majority of planes and sorties are taken up by other aircraft. Fleets of C-17s are more efficient than a few C-5s. F-22s in their present numbers are more than enough for now in the manned fighter regime. However, UCAVs (small stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles) with Artificial Intelligence will take over the fighter wingman role first, then the cargo role soon after.

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