Strange “Tiny Humanoid” Seen By Woman On Camera

In her own words, Mellisa Braham, from St Helens recalls: ‘It was my birthday recently and as a gift I received a new smart phone. On Friday, February 26, seeing as it was a nice day I decided to take my dog for a walk in the afternoon, I also took my new phone to test out the camera.

During the afternoon I took several short video clips and a selection of random photographs at different resolutions. Later on in the evening I uploaded the photography to my PC to have a look at it.

It was whilst looking through the still photos that I spotted on one of them what appears to look like a tiny humanoid-shaped figure walking from right to left.

Now I am not saying that the object is a tiny living and breathing being of some kind, but looking at the enlargements of the object one can clearly see what does resemble a bipedal creature of some kind: a head, eye, body, arms, legs, hands and feet can clearly be seen.

Whatever the mysterious object is it is definitely something as it is reflecting sunlight and also casts a shadow on the ground. It doesn’t look like a squirrel, rat, bird or any other kind of animal that I have ever seen before, it definitely is a very strange-looking object.

I suppose it could it be something or nothing, something very ordinary like a scrap of rubbish captured at a strange angle, trick of the light etc making it look extraordinary. I’m no photographic expert so I really don’t know, all I can say is what it looks like to me.

The photo was taken at full resolution, with a 12 MP camera set to fully automatic, no zoom used. The photo was taken in between the entrance to Victoria Park and the now demolished healthcare centre on Cowley Hill Lane, St Helens.’

Mellisa said she is going to send the snap off to some experts for analysis.

She went on: ‘One researcher pointed out that the figure does look 2D, and lacks detail as some pointed out. She said the photo is 100% correct for the bright sunny conditions, and that he would not expect to see much detail unless it was cloudy and dull, and the reason for the 2D look is the distance, size of the figure and the bright sunlight all over it, he also pointed out that if the figure is a genuine extraterrestrial shape-shifting wormhole travelling entity, then how do we know how such a creature would appear to the human eye.

I never saw the figure at the time of taking the photo, it was just a quick test snap trying out the camera.

If someone left it planted there for a joke, a model, toy or cardboard cut out, then why didn’t I see it and surely some eagle-eyed little kid would have spotted it and kept it for themselves?

Plus, it wasn’t a windy day but there was a strong enough breeze from time to time to easy blow over a lightweight toy not to mention a paper cut-out, and who can get a piece of paper much less than a millimetre thick to stand upright on a breezy day on it’s own with no visible means of suspension?’

Mellisa’s story has appeared on several popular extraterrestrial websites and she says she has been accused of fakery and been ridiculed for bringing it to light.

What do you make of Mellisa’s strange snap?

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