Someone filmed a small creature that looks like an Alien in a Russian forest (video)

This downright strange creature was captured not too long ago in a Russian forest and, based on the pictures below, it should be very obvious that whatever this animal is, it is very intelligent, to say the least.

Most claim that, based on its scale and its intelligent activity, it is an intelligent alien life type, although there are those who are more prone to believe that it is simply a magical being like a gnome or anything like that.

In view of this, the video itself was shot last month in Russia and cited in the report Anthropologist Uncovered Ancient Race of Tiny Humanoids.

The beast itself seems to be around 15 inches long, and while it has a humanoid head, it’s pitch black, and its head is apparently a little wider than the rest of its body. Some claim that it is simply hidden behind the roots of the tree from the cameraman, which may mean that the insect is, after all, intelligent. This is still an unexplored forest from Russia, as far as we can tell, so that it might house a lot of odd animals, among which gnomes are probably a probability, to say the least. In any scenario, try out the video for yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think about it in the first place.



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