Russian special forces will receive a new better combat helicopter

MOSCOW, (BM) – According to sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense, the special forces of the country will soon have a new improved helicopter, learned

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In fact, according Andrey Boginsky, general director of the Russian Helicopters holding, the flight tests of the new helicopter for the Mi-8AMTSh-VN special forces have already begun.

According to him, the National Center for Helicopter Engineering has already started its first flights. Boginsky noted that the construction of new helicopters is being carried out in parallel with the development work.

Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of the aviation complex of the Rostec state corporation, in turn, said that such features of the helicopter as high-altitude engines of increased power, a new carrier system, an expanded composition of ωɛλρσɳs and enhanced protection significantly increase its combat capabilities. All this allows it to be used for special operations in the most difficult conditions.

The first phase of testing the machine should be completed by November.


Earlier in Russia, the short-medium-haul MS-21 passed flight tests with the engine off. According to the pilot, during the tests of the aircraft, “malfunctions are specially introduced to assess the functioning of redundant systems and reconfiguration of the aircraft when countering the consequences of failure”.

The BMD helicopter will become a conceptual development of the Mi-24 and Mi-35M attack helicopters.

The new helicopter for the special forces of Russia was known in January this year. “We already have a modernized appearance of AMTSh-VN. Let’s just say, with advanced options and capabilities – not even the machine itself, but additional equipment,” said then the head of the holding Andrey Boginsky.

It is known that improvements have affected the means of destruction, as well as aspects related to the detection and recognition of targets. A source in the aircraft industry clarified that the new version was given the unofficial designation Mi-8AMTSh-VN2.

The new version of the helicopter for the special forces has become a kind of intermediate link to a promising airborne combat vehicle (BMD), designed for airborne airborne units.

The latter is seen as the basis for a whole line of vehicles, which will include “special” and transport helicopters, as well as command, reconnaissance and electronic ωλɾʄλɾɛ helicopters. All these machines must be able to operate within a single information and command field.

The BMD helicopter will become a conceptual development of the Mi-24 and Mi-35M attack helicopters, which, as you know, can be used to transport cargo and paratroopers.

The concept of a “flying infantry fighting vehicle” was developed back in the Soviet years. In fact, it was she who gave birth to the Mi-24, which was then seen as an addition to the Mi-8 and a new highly specialized attack helicopter.

According to TASS, the Mi-8AMTSh-VN purchased by the military have new flight and navigation equipment, 12.7 mm course machine guns located on a special suspension, a new on-board defense system and a number of other improvements. The cockpit and the most important units are protected by titanium alloy armor. Removable lightweight Kevlar armor was used to protect the cargo compartment floor and sides.

We will remind, in December it became known that in 2020 it is expected to conclude a large long-term contract for the supply to the troops of the modernized Ka-52 attack helicopter, designated Ka-52M.

The question of armament for new helicopters remains open: the fact is that most of the Russian aviation ωɛλρσɳs do not fully meet the requirements of the 21st century. This issue may be resolved in the future. Recall that in January, a model of the promising Russian air-to-surface missile MMM ASP was presented.

What do we know about the new Russian helicopter Mi-8ATMSh-VN [Mi-171Sh-VN]

The Mi-8ATMSh-VN (Mi-171Sh-VN) is the newest modification of the Mi-8/17 military transport helicopter. The updated machine is ready for flight tests and subsequent delivery to potential customers.

Its production will be deployed at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. The Mi-8ATMSh-VN helicopter is designed to perform a wide range of tasks: from transport and landing to fire support for the actions of special forces.

The technical appearance of the Mi-8ATMSh-VN was formed taking into account the experience of the combat use of helicopters, including in the Syrian Arab Republic. The vehicle embodies a whole range of design features that increase the combat effectiveness and survivability of the vehicle.

The Mi-8ATMSh-VN helicopter is equipped with VK-2500-03 gas turbine engines with a modernized transmission and improved climatic characteristics and a new carrier system.

The machine is equipped with composite rotor blades with a new profile and an X-shaped tail rotor. In comparison with the previous version on the helicopter, thanks to these innovations, the cruising and maximum flight speeds have been increased to 260 and 280 km / h, respectively, as well as the maximum take-off weight to 13,500 kg. In addition, its thrust-to-weight ratio and the efficiency of using the machine in high altitude and hot climates have been increased.

Mi-8ATMSh-VN is equipped with a new set of flight and navigation equipment. At the same time, the principle of a combination of a “glass cockpit” and reliable analog instruments was used to increase the combat survivability. The machine is equipped with a digital autopilot.

The efficiency of using the helicopter at night has been increased. The helicopter is equipped with a FLIR system, a searchlight with an infrared emitter, dual-band lighting equipment, and is adapted for the use of night vision goggles.

The combat survivability of the helicopter has also been increased. The vehicle is equipped with the President-S defense complex, which automatically recognizes the launch of missiles at the helicopter, jamming their guidance heads and ejecting false heat targets.

To protect personnel, the floor of the cockpit and cargo compartment is completely covered with removable lightweight Kevlar armor. Also, Kevlar armor is installed along the port and starboard sides to the level of the windows. To increase the survival rate of personnel in the event of a “hard landing” of the helicopter, the installation of energy-absorbing landing seats is provided.

The Mi-8ATMSh-VN helicopter has a new set of ωɛλρσɳs. The main feature was that along with small arms and cannon ωɛλρσɳs (for example, UPK-23-250 containers), unguided missiles (B-8V20A) and bombs of various calibers (OFAB-250), the helicopter is equipped with a guided missile ωɛλρσɳ system with a surveillance and sighting system.

In addition to the standard armament, the vehicle is equipped with four machine guns. Among them are three 12.7-mm “Korda”: two course and one to support the landing, as well as one 7.62-mm KVP machine gun in the rear of the helicopter.

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