Russia Is Ready For WW3 With This 6th Gen Jet Fighter


As we know, Su-75, or Checkmate, is a project of a light tactical fighter, which is being developed by Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau, which is a part of state corporation Rostec.

We would like to point out right away that the specimen was designed in a record short time, in just one year. Such a rapid pace is due to the experience of creating a fellow Checkmate, the Su-57 (or Felon), as well as the use of computer modeling.

The prototype was unveiled this summer at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Show. The creation of the full-scale prototype is scheduled for 2023, while production of the whole series is to begin in 2027.

In the future, this aircraft should replace the 4th generation machines, such as the MiG-29 (Fulcrum) and MiG-35 (Fulcrum F), and just as importantly, win the international market.

Russia Is Ready For WW3 With This 6th Gen Jet Fighter

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