Russell Wilson bought $36M mansion to give wife Ciara after giving birth to the family’s 4th baby girl


After being traded to the Denver Broncos, Super Bowl-winning former Seattle Seahawks dual-threat quarterback Russell Wilson and mononym fashion model/R&B singer Ciara have listed their Bellevue, Wash., mansion for $36 mιllιon.

The “Goodies” and “Speechless” singer, a tireless entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, and Wilson, once the NFL’s highest-paid player who made $35 mιllιon a year in his last years with the Seahawks, are hoping to triple their money on the sale of their two-parcel waterfront estate. The two plots were purchased in two transactions, one in 2015, the year before they were married, and one in 2019, for $13.4 mιllιon.

Carmen and Chandler Gayton of Windermere Real Estate Co. list the two parcels separately: the main house parcel is $28 mιllιon, while the neighboring plot with a detached garage and sport court is $8 mιllιon.

The two properties total about 1.9 lushly manicured acres that slope down to 270 feet of spectacular Lake Washington coastline. The extravagant main residence was erected in 2007 on a hilltop with water and city views.

In a little over 11,000 square feet on three floors, a theatrical wrought iron circular staircase and an elevator serve six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two powder rooms.

A 20-foot entrance, two formal dining rooms, and a black library/office are among highlights. The vast room is divided by groin-vaulted Corinthian columns. A large kitchen with intricately carved bone-white woodwork is on one side.

Southeast Asian antique carved wood doors, at least four beautifully carved stone fireplaces, and a circular dining bay off the great room with lake vistas of downtown Seattle appear throughout.

The main suite’s luxurious bathroom has a garden tub and cedar sauna and is decorated in several colours of purple velvet, from plum to violet to eggplant.

The 200 square feet of custom closet space and “Hollywood-worthy glam room” in the expansive suite really increase the decadence.

The renovated bottom level has a games area lounge and a cozy, wood-paneled screening room.

A two-story treehouse with a faux-fur rug, leather seat, and flat-screen TV in the backyard is more adult than child-friendly. Water and city views from floor-to-ceiling windows.

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