Resilience in the Heat: After Being Saved from a Burning Car, a Husky Now Thrives in a Caring Home


Every year, we receive far too many instances of dogs left in hot cars. Heat stroke is extremely deadly for dogs, but far too many owners leave them in hot, enclosed vehicles, causing agony and even death.

One of the more horrible occurrences occurred last summer when a husky dog was discovered in a scorching car outside a Las Vegas casino with her mouth taped shut.

The dog, on the other hand, survived the incident and is now living her best life months later.

On July 20, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of a 3-month-old husky puppy trapped in an SUV in the Bellagio casino parking lot.

Temperatures had risen to 113 degrees, and the dog’s mouth had been taped shut. In any weather, leaving a dog in a car is stressful, so picture how terrifying it must have been for the husky in such intense temperatures – her life was in great risk.

According to officials, the dog had been in there for two hours while the owner was inside gaming, with no air conditioning, food, or water.

The dog was safely retrieved from the car’s sunroof by the LVMPD. According to police bodycam footage, the dog was discovered salivating and unable to breathe.

Raul Carbajal, 50, the owner, was detained for willful and cruel animal maltreatment.

While the circumstance was terrible, the animal’s life improved quickly. The Las Vegas-based Animal Foundation revealed that the husky, now named Duchess, has been adopted just weeks after she was rescued!

According to the most recent shelter update, Duchess has been living her best life since her rescue.

“She lives with a wonderful family who adores her,” the Animal Foundation wrote on Twitter. “She sneaks into the children’s beds and enjoys hanging out with her new fur siblings.”

Duchess’ prior owner was aggressive and inconsiderate of her, but things couldn’t be more different with her new family. The Duchess of Cambridge has journeyed across the United States, stopping in Nevada, California, and Arizona.

And, having been saved from that searing hot automobile, Duchess now likes the cold, and is said to never turn down the chance to play in the snow.

“Talk about living the good life,” remarked the Animal Foundation.

We’re delighted that Duchess’ situation has turned out so well – she was saved from a bad situation and has ended up in an absolutely perfect new home.

Thank you for lavishing affection on this adorable dog! Please spread the word about this incredible story.

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