Remaining a Stay Dog Who Was Forced to Eat Twigs and Rocks to Survive Is Given Another Chance


Most stray dogs I’ve seen struggle so much to survive. They would sometimes go days without any proper food, and the little they do get is usually not enough.

This excess malnutrition can leave dogs in a horrible state, and many of them start eating anything out of pure desperation for survival.

In this story, we will talk about a desperate dog who was living off twigs and rocks for a long time before being rescued.

A Dog Who Badly Needs Help

a dog whose bones are visible
Source: Youtube

When the Southern Animal Organization received a call about a malnourished dog living on the streets of New Orleans, they immediately rushed to his help.

The organization workers were shocked when they saw what state he was in. The Weimaraner mix, now named Alex, had nearly starved to death and was barely moving around.

They rushed and took him to Vermilion Parish’s Rabies Animal Control, in New Orleans, where he would receive proper care. While there, an X-ray revealed something quite surprising.

Alex had been consuming rocks and twigs on the street to survive. It was one of the most heartbreaking things ever.

Luckily, for him, all of that is now over. He is in good hands and will receive all the help he needs to recover completely.

Alex’s New Family

a dog that got an owner
Source: Youtube

Alex spent weeks recovering, but on his journey, he was accompanied by a woman named Diane Lundeen. 

When she first took him into foster care, she thought it would be just a temporary solution for Alex.

However, as time grew, their bond grew stronger, and Diane knew she had to adopt him herself.

During her time with her, his weight grew exponentially, and his mood shifted really fast. He went from a depressed dog living on the street to a happy and playful dog in just a few weeks.

dogs run in the snow and play
Source: Diane Lundeen via Southern Animal Foundation

The best part is that Alex gets to spend time with his new doggie siblings and show them just how amazing he is.

It’s just so heartwarming to see a story where a starving dog received the help he so badly needed.

In the end, all turned out well for him, and he is now enjoying every moment with his new family.

Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Rocks And Twigs Gets His Happily Ever After

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