Puppy with special challenges achieves incredible accomplishments because his foster mother saved him.


Big hugs for you, darling. 💕💞

On November 28, a very special pup reached another incredible milestone. His name is Sasha and he celebrated his 12-week birthday on that happy day.
Every day is a blessing for Sasha, who was born with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip and palate.

Sasha has been under the expert care of special needs cat rescuer Marie DeMarco since birth. FURRR 911, her rescue organization, stands for Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated and Rehomed.

When he saw Sasha, he knew he would fit in perfectly even though he was a dog.
DeMarco shares: She has been a fighter from the beginning and has overcome several challenges in her short time on this planet.

Given her recent illness, the tiny pup now weighs just over two pounds, which is cause for celebration. Upper respiratory [infections] are common in puppies with [cleft palate], and Sasha was no exception.
She had [fever], nasal congestion, vomiting, [infected] eye ​​and was losing weight. Sasha couldn’t afford to lose weight when she weighed just over a pound! She was still lethargic, shaky on her legs and unwilling to feed.

DeMarco took Sasha back to his [neurologist], worried that her problems were caused by [hyd.rocephalus].
Sasha began to recover after following the specialist’s instructions. She was back to being feisty and snuggly by the time she was 12 weeks old!

DeMarco said: Sasha is a very quiet and reserved puppy.
She likes to sit next to or on top of my foot. And she also likes to hug her feline friends, other rescues, even if they are bigger than her!

Sasha faces a difficult journey with no guarantees, but she is surrounded by an enormous amount of love, commitment and support.
Despite her congenital defects and her medical condition, Sasha showed that she is a fighter with a strong will to live.

Sasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2018, shortly after turning six months old. Throughout her brief life, she provided love and delight to her human, canine, and feline companions.

Thank you for your love and compassion for this poor, defenseless animal!!! ❤ Fly high little one over the Rainbow Bridge in God’s beautiful garden knowing that you are loved so much ❤️ You are an angel!

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