Possible Underground Base Entrances Seen in Satellite Images Close to Area 51

There are so many questions concerning Space 51. This time, a more recent discovery has come to light regarding potential underground base entrances in the area where this intriguing base is located.

Scott Waring, a well-known UFO and anomaly hunter, once more discovered unusual anomalies in satellite television for pc images of Space 51.

According to information posted on the website UFO Sightings Every Day, the innovation was created on August 29. (2020).

Waring admitted the following on his website:

I was a Google Earth map at Space 51 when I discovered an underground base. This building has three entrances, the largest of which is 18 meters by 9 meters. And two more, which aren’t quite as big. The biggest hill has air vents springing out of it, while the highest one has two pipes coming out of it.

All of th is happened just a few kilometers from the location where he saw a 30-meter UFO parked on a note, complete with a perch built around it.

According to Waring, the base that might be underneath the entrances visible in the earlier images is home to tall, white aliens.

He asserts that any potential alliance between the military and aliens would have been kept a navy secret.

According to Waring, this could be the navy entry to an alien organization’s underground facility. One more shot of the two possible entrances to the underground ba.se.

There is no doubt that reports of access to mountain tunnels leading to possible covert sites are not new. We previously discussed what another individual discovered in Space 51 and how information was distributed afterward.

The US has underground bases built beneath mountains, as evidenced by the Cheyenne Mountain Advanced, a military installation and defensive bunker located in the unincorporated county of El Paso, Colorado, home to the North American

Aerospace Protection Command (NORAD) and the USA Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a hidden base exists beneath the location where Space 51 is located. What we find there should excite our interest. The reputation we’ve built up over the years has led people to believe some really absurd things about us.

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