People are NOT HAPPY about Beyoncé WASTING MONEY: Beyoncé Supposedly Poured 100 $20,000 Bottle of Wine Into Tub—and the Internet Is Feeling Some Type of Way About It ‎


People are not happy about the singer wasting money (or wine, for that matter) like that

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Well, being a star must be good, isn’t it?

Since the release of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s “Feeling Myself” music video yesterday (which was first available exclusively on Tidal before being leaked on YouTube and eventually removed), fans have been talking about it. Now, the Twitterverse is focusing on a single, amusing scene from the entertaining clip that makes them feel a certain way.

Beyoncé splashes the cash as she drinks luxury wine worth £1,730 a BOTTLE at husband Jay-Z's lavish 54th birthday celebration in France | Daily Mail Online

Queen B is occasionally spotted emptying out a bottle of sparkling wine while lounging in the hot tub. First impression: Why would you squander wine in such a way? Second thought: Two-Buck Chuck isn’t usually like that.

As one Twitter user brilliantly demonstrated, the cost of just one of those bottles is likely equal to the total amount you owe on your student loans.

Did Bey Really Pour a $20K Bottle of Wine Into a Hot Tub?

That is Armand de Brignac, also called Ace of Spades, and a bottle may cost anything from $300 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But no one knows how much that bottle in her hands actually cost.

But let’s not pretend.It’s not the first time a celebrity has shown off their money in this manner, and in all likelihood, Bey received a lot of those bottles from the corporation without having to pay anything at all.Now that we’re all talking about it. Not to add that, of course, her husband Jay Z bought the business.

Still, some were a little put out by the entire thing.

Beyoncé Shares Photos From JAY-Z's Las Vegas Birthday Celebration

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