Paulo Okoye calls for a boxing fight between Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin over their unending social media drama, offer winner N10million


Talent manager, Paulo Okoye is set to put an end to the animosity between his lover, Iyabo Ojo, and her colleague, Lizzy Anjorin.

It is no longer news that the movie stars have been at loggerheads for years and have filthily dragged each other on social media.



Paulo Okoye, who is fed up with their social media tantrums, has called for a celebrity fight, offering 10 million to the winner.

The Upfront Manager made it known that the celebrity fight would be powered by him and his companies and promised to keep ambulances and Doctors on standby to avoid loss of lives.

“Lizzy Anjorin Vs Iyabo Ojo



Winners take all!!!
10Million Naira

Ambulance and Doctors provided.
Organize by PaulO & OneAfricaGlobal”.

See some comments under his post below,

One Zeee Know wrote, “Enough of the house. I’m in support

One Oluwayemisi Adeoba wrote, “Just make sure say no one carry juju come o. I know one of them will use a ring fight

One Joyce Linda wrote, “I am rooting for Aunty Iyabo

One Arab Pope wrote, “Iyabo this is a trap

One Official Mzzmorel wrote, “Who’s betting with me I want to place a bet on Aunty Iyabo

One Vivy Foodmart wrote, “Make we kiki settle am at once

One Beckly Naj wrote, “People don’t sleep oh. This fight go mad ehn

One God bless Staw wrote, “Lol Anjorin go beat Iyabo just leave them! They have known each other before they know you, sir

One Chinyera wrote, “It will make sense die. But I trust my queen mother and am rooting for her. Nwunye Odogwu, me wey don unfollow Lizzy tey tey. Because of queen mother”.

Kemi Filani reported some weeks back that Iyabo had threatened legal action against Lizzy for defaming her in public. Lizzy had accused Iyabo and her lover, Paulo Okoye of killing Mohbad and had claimed that Iyabo had dated Naira Marley. She further accused Iyabo of being the brain behind the anonymous blog, Gistlover, of being promiscuous and of engaging in a threesome with a rich politician.

Following her allegations, Iyabo through her lawyers had ordered Lizzy to tender a public apology to the actress or risk paying N500 million for her libelous publication and had given her an ultimatum…

Before the lawsuit, Iyabo had called out Lizzy for calling her the name “Sepeteri”, and Lizzy had proceeded to give her other names.

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