Rick Ross successfully signed a deal to buy a massive mansion overlooking Miami’s Biscayne Bay


Ross is under contract to purchase a $37.5M estate that will provide him with more than 9,700 square feet of living space, according to information published on July 19 by Realtor.com.

Rick Ross Star Island

Rick Ross Star Island

Rick Ross Star Island

According to real estate website TheRealDeal.com, Diddy, who was recently seen giving his soon-to-be neighbor a golf cart in an Instagram photo, would be one of many superstars residing on the island with Rick Ross.

Rick Ross Star Island

Rick Ross Star Island

Rick Ross Star Island

Ross is apparently planning to spend $37.5M, while the last owner only spent $4.6M in 1999. It was constructed in 1992.

Rick Ross Star Island

2014 saw Rick Ross purchase a sizable house that had formerly belonged to boxer Evander Holyfield. Ross spent $5.8M for the 54,000-square-foot pad in Fayetteville, Georgia, which is situated on approximately 300 acres next to a highway. The house has 25 baths and 109 rooms. The Promised Land is how true admirers refer to it. The rapper has furnished his home with opulence, using everything from Versace tableware to Fendi furniture. Given that there is an indoor basketball court, theater, bowling alley, and gaming room, he also has plenty of venues to have fun.

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