Nubby The 2-Legged Boxer Steals His Dad’s Heart


From the very moment I laid eyes on that adorable two-legged Boxer puppy named ‘Nubby’, my heart was stolen. A tiny furball, with sparkling eyes and an indomitable spirit, Nubby was the embodiment of resilience. Nobody thought he would make it after being born with only two legs, but Nubby had other plans. His story is a heartwarming tale that speaks to the very essence of life’s triumphs and trials.

Upon receiving a call from the shelter, Nubby’s human mom, Lou, didn’t think twice about accepting this unique challenge. “A two-legged boxer?” she thought. Her heart filled with love and determination, she and her husband Mark welcomed this tiny, newborn puppy into their lives.

But little did they know what was in store. The first night was nightmarish, filled with doubts and fears. Nubby was weak and had to be bottle-fed every hour. Mary and Lou took turns feeding him, each drop of milk a symbol of hope, a silent prayer for his survival. With trembling hands and tearful eyes, they wished for the morning light.

But through the darkness, a ray of hope emerged. One week passed, then two, and Nubby started showing his unbreakable spirit. His custom Lego wheels allowed him to scoot off the floor, exploring his new world, adapting to his unique way of life. His little tail wagged, his eyes sparkled, and his heart beat strong.

But life wasn’t done testing Nubby. He fell sick with pneumonia, landing in the ICU. Mark and Lou’s hearts were torn apart as they watched their beloved pup confined, battling for his life. They never gave up, though. Every day, they visited him, nurturing his will to live with their unwavering love.

Time moved forward, and so did Nubby. His recovery was a miracle, his determination a lesson for all. He learned to stand on his two legs, a feat that seemed impossible. Nubby’s joy was infectious, his perseverance an inspiration. Along with his other furry companions – Olivia Pig, Maggie, Grace, and Rita – he turned the house into a haven of love and friendship.

Among them, Rita became his best friend, and along with Mary and Lou’s granddaughter, Lainey, they formed a bond that was nothing short of magical. They grew together, laughed together, and shared secrets that only the purest of hearts can understand.

Years went by, and Nubby, the tiny two-legged boxer who wasn’t expected to survive, flourished. He became the sweet guardian of foster puppies waiting for their forever home. The battles he fought, the challenges he overcame, every moment was worth it. Nubby’s story is not just a tale of survival; it’s a testament to the power of love, compassion, and undying faith.

I invite you to watch Nubby’s beautiful journey in the video below. Let his spirit touch your heart and remind you that no matter the odds, love and determination can conquer all. If Nubby’s story inspires you, share it with your friends and family, or consider adopting from a shelter. Remember, there’s a Nubby out there waiting for a loving home.

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