Near the train tracks, rescuers discovered a severely malnourished dog.


When a stray puppy is confined to living off scraps he finds on the street, he doesn’t get a big chance to survive.

Day by day, many of them struggle to find a single decent meal, and not much is being done to help them. However, not everything is hopeless for them.

Every once in a while, a kind person will notice the pup’s suffering and call for someone who could help.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers who were notified about a dog staying near the train tracks, and were shocked by this, so they rushed there to help.

Maverick’s Rescue

dog in a bad condition
Source: The Dodo

When the rescuers finally found Maverick, the dog, they realized that he was severely malnourished and needed food as soon as possible.

He was only 10 pounds when the rescuers came for him, and realizing that was absolutely heartbreaking for all of them.

A rescue organization, Second Chance Rescue had decided to put him in a medical facility in Georgia because they thought that he had the best chance to recover there.

photo of malnourished dog
Source: The Dodo

When he was finally okay enough to move around, they noticed that his mood had also changed and he was a lot more outgoing.

The rescuers thought it would be best to find a foster home for him until he fully recovered, so they did.

A woman named Nicole had answered the call and Maverick was taken to New York to meet his new foster parents.

Maverick’s Amazing Foster Parents

dog named maverick
Source: The Dodo

Nicole told The Dodo: “When Maverick first arrived, we kind of didn’t know what to expect with his personality.”

So, they thought that the best idea was to take it slow and give him some time to adjust to being in this new environment.

They noticed right away just how happy he was to be with somebody who cared for him, and he was always ready to play.

He was also hungry often, and on his first meal, he ate it so fast that his foster parents had to buy a food puzzle to help him slow down.

Nicole continued by saying: “It was just incredible. He didn’t act like he had been through what he had been through.“

dog on a leash with a woman
Source: The Dodo

When it finally came time to say goodbye to Maverick after he had spent many days enjoying being with Nicole and her family, it was really difficult for them.

They found a new family for him, and Nicole just couldn’t help but cry at the thought that Maverick was going to leave.

It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, it was the best one for him and I am sure that he is having the time of his life with his new family in a forever home.

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